How HDD Drilling Really Works – Alabama Wild Man

HDD drilling uses a special drilling device that drills horizontally beneath the ground. A transmitter is attached on the drill bit and used to communicate signals to the receiver on the surface. This allows the driller to guide the drill bit into any direction the driller desires. It is now possible to do precise drilling with this technology.

To begin, you will drill a pilot hole with the smallest drill bit. After that, you can use larger drill bits to increase the diameter until reached. The reaming tool then used to clean any dirt and smooth out the hole which makes it ideal for the construction of pipelines and cables.

Horizontal directional drills have several advantages over conventional trenching techniques. It reduces environmental impacts through minimizing the disruption to trees, the landscaping and natural features. Additionally, it minimizes the possibility of causing damage to infrastructure, such as roads and structures.

HDD drilling has revolutionized the process of installing underground cables and pipelines. This method is becoming increasingly popular for construction projects around all over the world because of the precision and effectiveness of this method.


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