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Cleaning practices- The saying that cleanliness is the next godliness certainly applies to the kitchen since a large portion of the health and safety concerns that concern foodborne pathogens come down to cleaning procedures. The children must be taught how to clean up after themselves so that they can avoid spreading germs and bacteria, in addition to how to ensure that the surfaces of their work areas and equipment safe before cooking.

Dishes and Kitchen Appliances – Proper washing and sanitation of the kitchen’s appliances and dishes is crucial to keep your kitchen clean and secure. Children should learn using a dishwasher and know how to wash dishes using hand. Clean and safe maintenance of the kitchen appliances, dishes, and utensils as well as other equipment should always be a part of your kitchen safety classes.

Food waste DisposalThe majority of meals contain some degree of food waste that is generated during the preparation of meals. They could include tomatoes stems, pumpkin seeds, apple, orange, or fruit pits, bone fragments, and various food trash. Make sure that your children are aware of how to properly get rid of them so that they don’t cause issues in the form of mold, bacteria, and other pathogens that could infest the kitchen and contaminate objects.

Safety for Everyday Use

Safety in the kitchen is also crucial. There are many meals that do not require an immersion blender and 3 hours baking time. It is sometimes a short lunch or a bowl of milkhowever, safe handling of that milk and proper clean-up of the bowl and spoon is essential. Mac and cheese could be lunch. To be sure of safety, you need to know the best ways to prepare and cook hot foods safely. In addition, big family meals can be very involved , and every stage of the process means safety concerns are raised. Therefore, ensure that you and your child are


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