Daily Practices for Elevator Maintenance – Work Flow Management

preventative maintenance on a daily regularly, you will reduce the chance of break-downs. Take preventative care on a daily schedule, but certified technicians should do the bulk of the work needed to maintain your elevators.

Firstly, clean the door tracks. Calls to service are usually caused by dirt and other particles. If you’re in the elevator make sure to check the elevator for damaged lights, handrails, and anything irregular.

Next, you should test doors sensors function in a proper manner. Place your arm in front of the door, and make sure it is closed. In the event of an accident, an elevator operator could be seriously injured if the sensor fails or is damaged.

Also, make sure you are checking the service room each day for any unusual noises, smells and indicators of oil leakage. The room should be kept at a comfortable temperature, with sufficient venting.

Make sure that the elevator’s level and level with the floor. If the elevator is not level, there is something wrong and your service provider needs to be informed.


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