7 Best RFIs Management Practices – Business Training Video


Streamlining communications at all levels

A good RFI management software is crucial. The software must follow certain rules. Numbering properly is the primary. This will allow RFIs to be stored and organized with ease. To make it easy to find them, the data is stored in an ledger. RFIs also have to be comprehensively answering the inquiries. They are an essential element of the process. It is more than providing answers to the questions. You must also do it on time. It is vital that RFIs establish a time limitation for submission of the required responses. The fourth practice is to add reference materials in an RFI response. This will ensure that the RFI response includes as many specifics as it is possible. Attachments may include sketches, the cost of goods and other specifications. A different principle is copying emails. It makes sure that every person in the organization receives data and prevents loss of information due to translation. The project must adhere to a clear the protocol for communicating. In the next step, it needs to propose ideas for solutions. They can offer suggestions for solutions like what needs to be different and who should be brought on board. In addition, the plan must outline the timeline of the impacts for instance, additional meetings or changes to the working method.

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