The Procedures Performed by Joint Preservation Specialists – Health and Fitness Tips

Joint dysfunction and age are the two main causes for cartilage loss. The main causes for loss of cartilage include knee alignment issues or the damage of cartilage. The problem can be addressed with joint replacement operations. The most effective and least impervasive treatment is cartilage repair. This video provides a summary of the process , as well as rates of success for various problems.

A joint preservation expert diagnoses the damage to your cartilage by using scans and tests, as well as a brief physical exam. They also review your medical history. MRIs and X-rays can also help further understand the problem and develop the best option for treatment. The specialists will then recommend alternatives for treatment, which could include knee alignment and ligament reconstruction. The degree of injury and medical history will dictate the kind of cartilage repair. Joint replacement specialists perform osteotomies that involve having the bone removed to allow joint alignment. It is quick and effective and is an excellent treatment option for conditions caused by osteoarthritis. hj6keumy35.

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