The Technology of Keyless Entry Door Locks – Technology Magazine

As the integration with smart home gadgets continues to increase, keyless entry door locks are becoming more and more common. The tech behind keyless entrance door locks is described and broken down in this video.

The way keyless entry systems carry out their functions- Keyless access control locks eliminate the requirement for a physical key to gain access into a structure. To verify a user’s identity most security systems need magnetic or electronic doors locking mechanisms proximity card readers sensors, and an approved authentication.

Installation of door locks using a keyless entry systemThe keyless entry lock installation is more complex than the standard deadbolt setup since it needs batteries as well as an electronic connection between both half of the lock.

Most of the time there is a need to run a short cable from one side of the door to other side and then plug it into an opening on the lock to power it up. It will be easier to do this if you follow the guidelines in your keyless entry door lock’s installation manual.

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