Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety without Medication – Healthy Huntington

This research has shown that stress has a strong connection to anxiety.
Create a tracker for your food.

If you’re feeling stressed or suffer from anxiety you must begin keeping a food log that will assist you in understanding the types of foods that trigger anxiety. The research conducted in the year of 2019 revealed that if you consume high-saturated fats as well as excess sugars, it will cause anxiety, particularly when you are an adult. The study also showed that eating habits that are poor can affect mental health. However, the researchers could not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between them.


With or without medications, psychotherapy could provide a great way to manage stress and anxiety. According to the American Psychological Association shows that therapies are more effective than medication. The psychotherapy process gives those suffering from anxiety the opportunity to talk about their anxiety and examine ways to manage their anxiety.

Furthermore, when someone experiencing anxiety is treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, the chances of the therapy working are extremely high. This treatment therapy helps one recognize the connections between emotional state, thinking, and behavior. Following this therapy for anxiety is completed, one will learn how to let go of thinking positive and identify other options to worrying patterns of seeing things.


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