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Back pain can be relieved by doing specific exercises. It is possible to find a number of methods to reduce back pain. Check out the YouTube video “How to Fix Lower Back Pain For Good”.

If you are suffering from tension in the lower part of your back, lying down flat on a tennis or racquetball ball could be a great way to help. Tennis balls can be placed beneath the muscles that are affected. A great exercise you can practice in this position is to lift the foot that lies to the side of the pain and draw it towards the chest. By holding your leg in this position for 10-15 seconds puts immense pressure on your pain area.

Snap or crack, and then pop is another great exercise. Begin by placing both of your legs on the table or floor. Later, you lay your legs and flat. Place one leg on top of the other , and use your other hand to rotate and then hold the knee of your raised leg. Your other arm should be elevated toward the ceiling. You can then rotate your upper body in an opposite direction.

Another effective exercise for lower back treatment are the scorpion prone, bird dog and the classic bridge. The exercises will strengthen the muscles of the lower back region.


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