How Are Drill Pipes Made? – EDUCATION WEBSITE

Do they need to be remade? Well, today you can look at how each of the firm’s drill pipes are made in order to ensure they are compliant with all of the drilling pipe inspection firms’ requirements. This video explains the process by which Grant Prideco drillpipes are manufactured in their factory, before being shipped out to the drilling pipe industry around the globe.

There is a lot that involves making the drill pipes. They must be made perfectly. To be sure the pipes are fit for drilling, there is an array of tests. Every pipe thread is perfectly by a quality check to be sure that the pipe is safe for use to the next stage.

For a complete step-by-step production process for how drill pipes are constructed check out this complete video. It’s interesting to observe this process in a short and sweet video, but keep in mind, that this procedure can last for hours, depending upon the sort of drill pipe that they’re making. It is a complex process to ensure that the whole team is in a safe environment.


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