What Is Grout Injection? – Cyprus Home Stager

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Injection grouting can be used to seal cracks in cement and masonry structures. The grout material cures under pressure and can be utilized to help strengthen structures or prevent water from entering. The purpose of grouting can be either to strengthen a formation or to reduce water flow through it. Additionally, it can be used to address flaws within brick and concrete constructions. The flowable material grout is composed of plastic, and is not able to shrink to fully fill in space or gaps. It must be sturdy and not suffer from cracking, delamination or crumbling. There are different types of grouts such as cement grout, polymer-cement slurry, epoxy, urethane, and high-molecular-weight methacrylate (HMWM).

Polyurethane at high pressure (PU) injection grouting is the injection of polyurethane into the substrate with extreme pressure, so that the holes and gaps in the substrate can be filled in with the waterproofing slurry in order to block leakage of water. muvu4bbk2p.

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