Learn How Your Average Homeowner Can Complete a New Roof Install With the Help of a Local Roofer – Best Self-Service Movers

It is recommended that you start at the end of the day. In order to stop water from entering into the drip edges, be sure that it’s installed correctly.
2.Install felt starting at the edge. The felt is to be on the top of the drip edge, which allows water to flow on top.

Install the starter strip around the roof’s edges. To provide better wind protection, the majority of shingle makers would recommend installing starter strip over the rakes. However, not directly along the edge.

4.Installing shingles along the bottom of the eave, and then against the rake. A second shingle needs to be installed at least 6 inches beneath the first.

After you’ve installed the shingles, you can install the ridge. Following the directions of the manufacture and drawing a line across the top of your shingles to make A laser straight line.

In the end, once you have completed your roof is installed, be sure to remove all particles of loose granules hanging off the roof. Also, make sure that the roof is clean. ug5a3xgu2e.

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