Probate and Trust Fraud – ORZ 360

ceiving, lying, or deceiving a grantor which results in benefits for those who commit the fraud. There may be multiple deadlines within which you can take legal action based on where you reside. It is essential to act quickly.

The will can be challenged in just 90 days. Trusts can be challenged within 60 days, or an appeal can be filed against a will after the time you’ve been given the notice.

Fraud in the inducement occurs the case when an individual or actor acts fraudulently to convince a grantor or testator that something is false. This directly affects the trust or final will.

In this case, one could lie about the person’s character. This makes test participants allocate funds from those who benefit to the person responsible for the crime.

Fraud during execution can occur when someone lies about a document , in order for the grantor or testator to accept the fake document.

It’s hard to believe that someone has deceived another in order to get additional money out of a will or trust. Trusts can be vulnerable in such instances. If you need help, consult the trust lawyer or probate attorney.


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