Why is American Healthcare so Expensive? – Kingdom Gold

It was a long way in the hospital. It took me a long time to wait for my companion to transport me there because the price of an ambulance ride, even only for a short time, is just too costly that I can’t afford.” It’s extremely distressing to hear this tale, particularly when the victim has been suffering from severe emotional stress. Even in cases where individuals are not conscious when they are unconscious, their loved ones tell them to stop calling an ambulance. It is simply heartbreaking, but why is this so? In the video below, you will learn why American health care costs are so high.

American healthcare can be costly both for mental health of patients and the pockets of those who pay for it. Being afraid of getting hurt because of the anxiety of having to pay hospital and ambulance fees is common for middle and working class Americans. A one accident could put someone into more debt than they would have thought. What solutions are available in other countries? The video can help you understand what makes the American approach unique and what we can do to potentially change the system.


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