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cook delicious, delicious dishes for your family. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky and the gas cooktop ceases to function.

These quick tricks will aid you with fixing your gas stove in the home.

Step 1: You need to gain access to the gas valve.
To begin, you’ll have to get to the gas valve on the stove’s side. It is necessary to turn the valve off. This will enable the valve to stop the flow of gas. It will provide you with a safe step to take the following couple of steps.

Step 2: Locate your ignition switch on the stove.
It is possible to see the ignitor in the middle of your stove. To get to the ignitors under a gas stove which is common, simply lift the roof on the cooker.

Step 3: Take out and replace the igniter.
Then you are able to remove or replace the defective ignitor. Put the new ignitor back onto the stove. Be sure to connect all wires correctly and test the ignitor.

Step 4: Verify that it’s working.
It is possible to tell if the system is working if the ignitor appears to be red and there’s a little spark. The gas regulator should be turned on, and you are good to start.

To better understand gas stove maintenance, view this instructional video. sr5jpkahfg.

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