Should We Be Investing More in Sea Walls – Global World of Business

Experts suggest investing $416 billion in order to safeguard American coasts from rising seas. This isn’t a bill anyone wants to foot. PBS News Hour discusses why seawalls are so important.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill conducted research on the effect of sea walls on storm surges from hurricanes. Sea walls can be efficient in stopping storm surges caused by hurricanes. This is dependent on the type of seawall being utilized. Natural sea walls like salt marshes, shorelines repaired salt marshes or oyster reefs provided the best security. Breakwaters constructed of stone protected the sea.

Seawalls, made by humans, performed best. Sea walls eventually break or fall down as they are pushed by water. While many homeowners believe that manmade sea walls have more advantages than natural sea walls but they’re wrong.

Natural shorelines were better at absorbent large amounts of water and reducing the speed of waves. These shorelines are also easy to maintain after major storms, like the one that hit us, Hurricane Matthew. America should be investing in more seawalls. However, they must be only natural.

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