What do Respiratory Therapists Do? – Discovery Videos

There are nebulizer machines that can be used to patients suffering from asthma, or they may intubate a patient so that they can safely given anesthesia during the procedure. Prior to and following each use it is checked that the equipment is clean. They may give lung expansion treatment to heal air sacs in the lungs that have collapsed during treatment, disease or an injury. They are able to help identify breathing issues. The therapist can also work in an emergency room or operating theatre, routine rounds in hospitals, or as a physical therapist.

Making sure that all equipment is in good working order is another important part that a respiratory therapy professional must do. Every day is different. It is also a constant learning experience every day.

Respiratory therapists must be able to complete at least two additional years of training in an accredited institution. To be eligible for employment it is necessary to pass certification exams. There are also four-year and master’s degree programs in the field. b91c4jd5k7.

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