Dog Grass is a Great Way to Protect Your Lawn From Your Pooch – Dog Health Issues

You may be familiar with discolored areas caused by your dog’s frequent urination. Their urine can affect the grass and even kill it. You can create a separate area for your dog’s bathroom within your yard.

It is possible to swap out grass to something that’s able to handle urine from dogs. Another option is wood mulch which can be able to absorb not only urine but also smells. But, it will be more odorous over time.

There is also a rubber mulch available that doesn’t retain urine and the smell it gives off. This mulch could be blown off by wind gusts yet it’s very light. Another alternative is synthetic grass which will easily stand up to dog urine. That said, the synthetic grass patch will stick more than the grass you normally use, particularly in winter.

It is possible that the dog grass top choice is pea soil. This gravel won’t absorb the urine, instead letting it seep into the ground. It doesn’t absorb urine and allows it to permeate into the soil. It ensures that odors don’t stay. The pea gravel is strong and easy to set and unlikely to be blown out of the way. i5qxxf9hx2.

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