How Will LiDAR Technology Change Driving? – Car Talk Show

This technology has been used for years and years for surveying land and mapping areas of dense forest. Now, it could be used to change the future of motoring for the rest of our lives. Find out more about it.
Autonomous driving technology is immersing itself in technological advancement. This means that cars need to be capable of spotting the objects and surrounding areas. LiDAR technology is able to allow vehicles to accomplish this. Through the integration of LiDAR technology in automated driving systems and in safety system of cars that don’t self-drive, cars will be able to examine their surroundings, and then react in the event of objects passing by.
If, for instance, someone is walking across the street right in front of a car equipped with LiDAR technology, it’s possible to program the vehicle to stop as soon as that person (or any object) comes into the car’s path. This will safeguard pedestrians as well as drivers from injury. 1pq21dlaa4.

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