A Brief Introduction to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – Killer Testimonials


Most important to keep in mind is that you do not attempt to diagnose yourself. Even though it’s helpful to do your research but you must always talk to your doctor in order to get a clear diagnosis and treatment program. Let’s get started.
1 in 10 women (about 10 percent) suffer from polycystic-ovarian syndrome. Almost 5 million women are diagnosed with this disorder every year in the United States. The primary cause of PCOS is hormonal imbalance that can result in a variety of internal and external symptoms. The condition is not fully comprehended. The lack of research funding is causing a shortage of knowledge regarding the causes and potential treatments. Doctors are able to agree on the presence of specific symptoms as a basis for diagnosing the condition.
These key symptoms are menstrual changes, increased levels of testosterone and numerous cysts (polycystic) on the Ovaries. This could lead to an increase in acne risk and hair loss that is irregular, and painful periods. b47khv2dop.

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