3D Printing Debunked – 1776 The Musical


The following video will address some of the rumors that 3D printing is related to. The rumors could be true or true. However, this video will help you understand what the truth is. These are three myths which he believed in, and are not to be dismissed. Third, 3D printing is now a cutting-edge technology. It’s evident that 3D printing expertise is growing. However, 3d printing has existed since the 80s. One man from Japan in the 1980s invented the concept of 3D printing. The research was released in the year 1981. It is not widely known about this. America has only seen 3D printing in the 1990s. The first film to showcase 3d printing was released in 1998. It appeared to have been before the time, but the technology was around since more than 10 years. The next myth is that ABS is much stronger than PLA. It was common an investment of at least $30k for filling your 3D printer up with plastic if you were printing it in the course of a hobby. y85b97w5ny.

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