NFPA Works to Support National Electrical Safety Month – InClue

Each year, approximately thirty thousand non-fatal electrical electrical shock accidents occur. According to the National Safety Council, each year, between 500 and 1,000 individuals are killed by electrocution.
Regular electrical maintenance or repair could help prevent electrical fires. Here are a few things you can try to avoid an electrical fire from happening inside your home, no matter if you’re enlisting the assistance from a home wiring service or the nearby electrical contractor.

Examine for loose fitting plugs within electrical outlets. The result could be the risk of a fire or shock. If you have kids Make sure all new plugs you purchase are protected.
It is best to avoid connecting multiple appliances onto the same circuit board or outlet. It can result in the short circuit or the possibility of an electrical fire. If more than one appliance plugs into the same source of electricity, the current level will exceed the level of safety and could pose a risk of injury.
It’s also important to spread awareness, whether as an individual or as an organisation. uo2it28s1i.

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